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I'm Lisa


I'm here to help you get unstuck and change the stuff that's not working in your life (no matter how overwhelming it all feels right now!)

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Hands up if you think that life should be more than just:

ticking off a to-do list,

Constantly chasing your tail,

and feeling overwhelmed all the time...

Yeah, me too. Whatever it is that’s not working for you, if you’ve ever thought to yourself, “I’m so sick of feeling this way”, then you’re in the right place.

It's so frustrating to be in a place where you feel like you've tried all the things to make positive changes and... nothing sticks (hello self-sabotage!)

Whether you know exactly what you want for yourself or you just know it’s “not this”, you’ll find stacks of tools and inspiration below to help you reimagine womanhood, free up mental bandwidth, and create a life that turns you on.

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The Overwhelm Struggle Is Real

Overwhelmed and Over it?

If there is something most women in 2023 can relate to, it’s a sense of overwhelm by all. the. things. that end up on their plate.

And while there's a universality to the sense of overwhelm, the truth is, not all overwhelm is created equal.

Take this simple 6-question quiz (it takes less than two minutes) to find the root cause of your overwhelm and how to get unstuck in your patterns.

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About me

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"Something's gotta change!"

I've said these words to myself many times over the years.

Sometimes that change was figuring out how to get three kids under four out the door on time without losing my mind.

Sometimes what needed to be changed was my food habits.

More recently, it's been a whole of life reset after big grief, lockdowns, heartbreak and solo parenting have taken a toll.

Here's the thing. Our brains don't love change. We are wired to do the same things over and over again.

My work over the last decade (for myself and my community of women) has been to discover ways, beyond willpower and the grind to implement changes, that stick.

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And the stunning thing is, once you learn how, it’s easy to do.

Change becomes so freaking achievable that you can reimagine your life however you want… then go out and create it. (Like, now. No more waiting, no more self sabotage, no more putting yourself dead last on the priorities list.)

These days, everything about my life is completely different, both from the outside (I’m now solo-parenting my three little people after the death of my husband) and on the inside.

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It was thrilling to discover that if you want something in your life, there’s a set of tools and techniques that will help you make it happen. It means you can reimagine and recreate womanhood in the *exact* way that lights you up. That’s what I’ve done. (And trust me, if I can do it, anyone can do it.)

If that idea excites you too,

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Let's make it happen!

Here's how you can
work with me


The Change Room

The Change Room is a space where we find ourselves, where we create ourselves, where we transform. Come change With me!

When you step out of The Change Room after our 3 months together, you'll feel different.

So with nothing to lose and so much to gain, the only question remaining is…


Mini Programs

Thousands of women have transformed their lives using my programs and workshops.

Whether you’re seeking a quick shift or a full deep dive (with the transformation to match), you’ll find tools and training that can help, right here... Get genuine support and simple, DOABLE strategies to reduce your mental load, feel more calm in your day to day, and make your life easier

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Live Events + Speaking

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Word on the street


"Through your courses and guidance Lisa Corduff, I have realised the greatest gift to my relationships is the change I have initiated for myself... Or the understanding I have offered myself. Either way, I am living more honestly."


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Join Lisa Corduff for insightful conversations, juicy personal deep dives and a stack of real and raw reflections on navigating the complexities of life - and making the most of it all.

On the Conversations podcast, Lisa talks about change of all kinds - the kind that is thrust upon you, the change you need to dig deep for and initiate yourself, and change that feels elusive and out of reach (but isn't!)

With one of the most honest and relatable voices for women online, Lisa will leave you feeling clear, inspired and activated for your next step.

Start here

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