Guest Interviews

Your Scheduled Interview

You're all booked in! I'm so excited to chat with you and will be ready and waiting at our allocated time.

If, for any reason, you cannot make the scheduled time please email our podcast co-ordinator Karoline at

For best results

Podcast recording will be done via zoom, recording audio only (so no need to do your hair!)

If you don't have a recording mic, then please use your phone headset to avoid feedback and background noise. Sound quality is dramatically improved with a mic.

If you are locking in a video interview, remember these key things:


  • Make sure you have light on your face
  • Have your camera at eye-level
  • Make your background simple and uncluttered


If you need any more advice, please get in contact.

We will provide a list of talking points to you no later than 48 hours prior to the interview.

your details

Please submit the following via email no later than 48 hours prior to your interview.

  • Your Profile Picture
  • Short Bio (1 - 2 Paragraphs)
  • Links to your website, social and/or freebie as relevant to the interview

Get Famous!

We'll be in touch with images you can use to promote the interview via your social channels or email. I will be doing the same at my end and cannot wait to send my community your way.

Help / Questions

If you have any questions, the team is here to help! Get in touch on email to (no DM's please).