Want to discover an easier way to create content online?


If you currently feel invisible online ...

and creating content feels hard and not worth the effort...

and the amount of platforms feels overwhelming...

and the mixed messages on what to post and when is driving you bananas...

then you’ll love what I share in my workshop...

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No One Cares About Your Stuff!

Listen, I felt the same as you this time last year.

Bored and over it.

I’ve been creating content since 2012 and have seen lots of trends come and go but in 2023 I went back to a few simple basics (OMG the relief!) and  WOAH, did things change.

I am so passionate about women’s voices being heard that I am sharing details of the experiment I ran so that you too can create genuine connection and real impact online.



I don’t use hashtags or keywords or anything useful like that (very smart social media experts can teach you those things - I am terrible at that stuff!).


Yet, I have a highly engaged audience because I focus on what matters and ignore the rest and that’s what I’m sharing about in this workshop.


I’d love you to join me. I mean - what have you got to lose aside from low reach and engagement!? What I’m teaching is suitable to any kind of business and might just be the missing (easy!) thing that will turn your marketing around in 2024.

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About Lisa Corduff

Lisa Corduff has run a successful online business for over a decade. A masterful storyteller, she knows how to build community and connection virtually. She's passionate about reconnecting women to the power of story to elevate their mission, message and impact.

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