Live The Change

This 6 month advanced program for Ready for Change graduates will support you in creating transformation at the deepest level

… which is why it gets such impressive results.

Our members have achieved phenomenal things — they’ve written and published books, gone back to uni to study their ideal course, started businesses they’d been dreaming of for years, left unhappy relationships, embarked on exciting new ones, trained for and completed endurance events, transformed their health, gotten into the best shape of their lives, and broken bad habits (particularly around food and relationships) that they’d struggled with for years.

So if you want to master the art of consistency, follow through, and acting in your own best interests…

And if you want to activate the full potential you KNOW is inside you…

Then come live the change and see what’s possible.

(Note: If you’re new to transformational work, we recommend starting with Ready For Change before signing up for Live The Change)