Ep 11: What is a Mastermind Anyway?

Lisa and Karly talk friendship, holding space for each other, and how they each brought their unique gifts to the table when creating their joint Mastermind. They share how their own experiences of Masterminds shaped what they wanted to create: A supportive, inspiring community of like-minded women, all with a desire for big growth in…

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Ep 10: Facing the Resistance

Karly talks about the difference you can make in your life and business when you face directly into the things you dread the most. Show Notes 00:31 – How avoiding accounts has always made things much worse for Karly 05:25 – What Lisa learned from engaging with the part of her business she avoids the…

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Ep 9: Samantha Nolan-Smith: Being Truly Visible

Samantha Nolan-Smith on how Patriarchal society keeps women small and quiet, mired in self-doubt, and ultimately invisible. Samantha explains why it is so hard to examine a system that is rigged in your favour, and why self-development is the key for women to not only push through their own visibility blocks, but also to look…

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Ep 8: Collaboration – Discovering Your Working Styles are the Opposite

Karly and Lisa discuss their opposite approaches to creativity, and why they are both compromising to make their collaboration work. Show Notes 02:44 – How Karly and Lisa approach creativity from opposite ends of the chaos spectrum 09:08 – Why the ‘box’ that is freeing for Karly makes Lisa feel hemmed in 13:32 – Why…

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Ep 6: How Lisa Moved Out of Chaos

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