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Ep 22: When You REALLY Don’t Feel Like Showing Up

On a day when Karly just wasn’t feeling it, Lisa and Karly threw out the schedule and recorded a podcast on showing up when it’s the last thing you feel like doing. They discuss the importance of allowing yourself your fullest expression, the benefits of creating on the fly, and why it ultimately doesn’t matter…

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Ep 20: And What Now – Who Do You Need to Be

 Lisa and Karly discuss their next steps for achieving their big dreams in 2018, and why it all starts with the person you choose to be. Show Notes 04:28 – Lisa shares how she achieved her big vision in 2017, and who she chooses to be in 2018 07:59 – Karly explains why what’s…

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Ep 19: New Year – What Do You Need to Let Go

Lisa and Karly share what they need to let go of in 2018 to make their big dreams a reality. They talk about clearing what is taking up the space that you need and holding you back. Show Notes 03:07 – The sentence that stopped Lisa in her tracks on a group coaching call, and…

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