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Ep 23: Dealing with the guilt of loving what you do

Lisa and Karly discuss the guilt they both feel when their passion for work impacts family life, and how hard it is to admit to finding your computer more exciting than your everyday life. Show Notes 01:36 – The advice Lisa was given when her passion for work created a rift in her marriage 15:05…

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Ep 22: When You REALLY Don’t Feel Like Showing Up

On a day when Karly just wasn’t feeling it, Lisa and Karly threw out the schedule and recorded a podcast on showing up when it’s the last thing you feel like doing. They discuss the importance of allowing yourself your fullest expression, the benefits of creating on the fly, and why it ultimately doesn’t matter…

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Ep 21: Kylie Patchett – Go Back to Your Day Job

Kylie Patchett shares her story of employment after entrepreneurship, guilt over selling a dream that was no longer working for her, and the freedom of shutting down her business and creating the simple life that she wanted. She discusses the unexpected response from fellow entrepreneurs, and the misplaced sense of shame and failure. Show Notes…

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